Extra-curricular activities are offered as opportunities for students to develop and enhance communication, broaden their horizons and boost self-confidence. At APLH, we offer innovative ways for students to experience different activities while attending our program.  

Special Activities We Offer: 

  • Ballet 
  • Hip Hop
  • Sports Class
  • Arts 
  • Music 

Arts Class

APLH strives to guide our children into a journey of discovery, expression, and growth. By providing a safe and stimulating space for them to explore colors, textures, and creativity, we nurture their imagination and lay the foundation for cognitive, emotional, and fine motor development. The joy and pride toddlers experience as they create their masterpieces are priceless, and the skills they acquire extend far beyond the art class, shaping their holistic development for years to come. We believe art provides youngsters with a non-verbal outlet to express their emotions. Through their artwork, they can communicate feelings that they might not yet have the vocabulary to express verbally, fostering emotional intelligence and communication skills.

Ballet Class

APLH ballet class is focused on fostering the youngest development through positive interaction and role modeling. By introducing them to the world of ballet in a developmentally appropriate and playful manner, we instill not only the foundational skills of dance but also valuable life skills. The joy on our children’s faces as they move to the rhythm and learn ballet basics, is priceless, and the confidence, self-esteem, discipline, social skills, and love for movement they gain from the experience are gifts that will stay with them as they twirl through life's stages.


Hip-hop dance class is more than just a style of movement; it's a vibrant form of self-expression that transcends age boundaries. Our Hip-hop dance classes is a platform for growth, nurturing creativity, building confidence, and fostering physical and cognitive development. Beyond the dance moves, our children gain a multitude of skills and emotional well-being. The joy and excitement that fill children's eyes as they groove to the beat are emblematic of the many benefits they reap from it that will resonate throughout their lives.

Sports Class

At APLH, we truly believe that early exposure to sports activities lays the foundation for a toddler’s lifetime and enhances their gross and fine motor skills. Activities like running, jumping, and kicking promote coordination, balance, and muscle development, contributing to overall physical fitness. Our sports classes offer a safe space for children to experience and manage their emotions by providing sports activities that involve mental engagement, such as understanding rules, strategy, and patterns. Successes and challenges during activities teach them to handle frustration, celebrate achievements, and navigate emotions in a healthy way.

Music Class

Music classes are a harmonious blend of education, entertainment, and development. From language and cognitive skills to emotional expression and social interaction, music enriches young children's lives in diverse ways. The joy and excitement that music brings to their faces are emblematic of the many benefits they gain from a musical journey. Introducing toddlers to the world of music is a beautiful way to nurture their creativity, cognitive development, and sensory exploration. The benefits of early exposure to music resonate throughout their lives, shaping their perspectives and abilities in profound ways.